3/2(木)Soul / Funk コンピレーションLP

3/2(木)Soul / Funk コンピレーション系LP 8枚アップしました!!



Various / Sister Funk2 – The Sound Of The Unknown Soul Sisters (2LP) ¥5,500 (税込)

(UK)Jazzman – JMANLP 016 / 2007
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

世界的なコレクター/DJとして知られるIan Wright監修によるレア音源集!!とにかくセンス炸裂の内容サイコーのSister Funkコンピです!!

Track List
A1 Rhetta Hughes – Doing It With Her – When It Should Be Me
A2 Honey & The Bees – Love Addict
A3 Dolly Gilmore – Sweet Sweet Baby
A4 Barbara King – What I Did In The Street
A5 Coletta Woodson – Follow The Wind
B1 Sandy Gaye – Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone
B2 Big Ella – The Queen
B3 Sheila Wilkerson – Baby You’re A Jive Cat
B4 Richi Corbin Trio Feat. Barbara Trent – A Woman Was Made For A Man
B5 Barbara Trent – Heartbreak Hotel
C1 Althea Spencer – Take Me Baby
C2 Cheryl Johnson – It’s Not Too Late
C3 Barbara Howard – I Don’t Want Your Love
C4 Leon Mitchison And The Eastex Frwy. Band – What Cha Need
C5 Cheryl Dorsey – If You Want Your Man
D1 The Fabulettes – Muddy Waters
D2 Keisa Brown – The Dance Man
D3 Barbara Mason – You Better Stop It
D4 Hard Drivers Feat. Vivian Lee – Since I Was A Little Girl
D5 Florence Trapp – Love Came Into My Life




Various / Midwest Funk (2LP) ¥6,000 (税込)

(UK)Jazzman – JMANLP 007 / 2003
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


Track List
A1 The Us – Let’s Do It Today (Full Length Version)
A2 Markus Kelly & The Impassions – Pushin’ To The Top
A3 Harvey & The Phenomenals – Soul & Sunshine
A4 The New Establishment In Soul – Whip It (Pt. 1)
A5 Billy Ball & The Upsetters – Sissy Walk
A6 The TMG’s – The Hatch
B1 Fred Williams & The Jewels Band – Tell Her
B2 Wanda Davis – Save Me
B3 The Fabulous Originals – It Ain’t Fair, But It’s Fun (Pts. 1 & 2)
B4 Barbara Howard – I Don’t Want Your Love
B5 The Personations – Future II
B6 Chocolate Snow – A Day In The Life
C1 Henry Peters & The Imperials – Master Groove
C2 People In The News – Color Me
C3 The Chefs – Mr. Machine (Pts. 1 & 2)
C4 Messengers Incorporated – Soulful Proclamation
C5 Dayton Sidewinders – Funky In Here
D1 The Soul Tornadoes – Boot’s Groove
D2 The Wallace Brothers – What-Cha Feel Is What-Cha Get
D3 Earl English & The Apaches – Trying To Make Ends Meet
D4 Epitaph – Epitaph Movement
D5 Billy Joe Holloman – Kool Is Back (Live)
D6 Illinois Connection – Po’ Boy’s Dream





Various / Soulful Kinda Seventies – 28 Classic Uptempo Northern Movers(2LP) ¥5,400 (税込)

(UK)Goldmine Soul Supply – GSLP50 / 2001
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

UKの再発&コンピレーションレーベルGoldmine Soul Supplyから、オリジナルはメガレアなモダンソウルPages「Heartaches & Pain」も収録された2LP・28曲のレア音源集!!このコンピもレア化しつつあり、日本ではあまりみません

Track List
A1 Pages – Heartaches & Pain
A2 Innervision – Honey Baby (Be Mine)
A3 Ambitions – When The Fuel Runs Out
A4 Fantastic Puzzles – Come Back
A5 21st Century Ltd. – Your Smalles Wish
A6 Soulvation Army – Dancin’ On A Daydream
A7 Imperial Wonders – You Live Only Once
B1 Luckey Davis – It’s Not Where You Start
B2 J.T. Brown – Like Taking Candy From A Baby
B3 Jimmy Jones – Ain’t Nothing Wrong Making Love
B4 Dave Love – Baby Hard Times
B5 Tyrone St. German – In A World So Cold
B6 The Brothers – Secret Place
B7 Four Sonics – If It Wasn’t For My Baby
C1 Crystal Motion – You’re My Main Squeeze
C2 Dooley Silverspoon – Game Players
C3 Velvet – Bet You If You Ask Around
C4 Marvin Holmes & Justice – You Better Keep Her
C5 Donny Gerard – He’s Always Somewhere Around
C6 Vessie Simmons – I Can Make It On My Own
C7 Stevens & Foster – I Want To Be Loved
D1 Family Circle – I Hope You Really Love Me
D2 Cody Black – What Goes Around
D3 Fred Hughes – Take Me As I Am
D4 C.C. Neal – All I Want From You Is Your Love
D5 5 Wagers – Come & Ask Me
D6 The Commitee – Give In To The Power Of Love
D7 Oscar Weathers – When You See What You Want




Various / Soul Spectrum (2LP) ¥3,500 (税込)

(UK)BBE – BBE LP 013 / 1998
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

Dr. Bob JonesとKeb Dargeによる、究極のモダンソウル〜ファンクをコンパイルした最強のコンピ!!

Track List
A1 Ronn Feaster – Don’t Laugh In My Face And Steal My Man
A2 Kim Tamango – Not By Bread Alone
A3 Tony Troutman – What’s The Use
A4 Patti Jo – Ain’t No Love Lost
A5 Curtis Anderson – The Hardest Part
B1 Getto Kitty – Stand Up & Be Counted
B2 Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You
B3 Melvin Moore – All Of A Sudden
B4 Veda – What It’s All About
B5 Jeanie Tracy – Making New Friends
C1 G. D. & The Big J – Movin On
C2 Split Decision Band – Watchin’ Out
C3 Solid Gold Revue Featuring Ray Crumley – She’s So Good
C4 Winfield Parker – I Wanna Be With You
C5 Le Frank’O – Keep On Getting Down
D1 Tal Armstrong – You’ve Got So Much Feeling (In Your Love)
D2 Jade – Music Slave
D3 Johnnie Walker – Love At First Taste
D4 The Fabulous Play Mates – Ain’t Gonna Be No Fool (For You)
D5 Johnny King And The Fatback Band – Peace, Love Not War





Various / Eccentric Soul : The Capsoul Label (2LP) ¥2,300 (税込)

(US)Numero Group – NUM001 / 2008
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


Track List
A1 Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – You’re All I Need To Make It
A2 Marion Black – Who Knows
A3 Kool Blues – I’m Gonna Keep On Loving You
A4 Bill Moss – Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother
A5 Four Mints – Too Far Gone
B1 Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – You Can’t Blame Me
B2 Bill Moss – Number One
B3 Four Mints – Row My Boat
B4 Ronnie Taylor – Without Love
B5 Kool Blues – I Want To Be Ready
C1 Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer
C2 Elijah & The Ebonites – Hot Grits!!!
C3 Ronnie Taylor – I Can’t Take It
C4 Kool Blues – Can We Try Love Again
C5 Four Mints – You’re My Desire
D1 Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – A World With You
D2 Marion Black – Go On Fool
D3 Elijah & The Ebonites – Pure Soul
D4 Bill Moss – Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother (Instrumental)
D5 Capsoul Group – All I Need To Make It




Various / Searching For Soul (2LP) ¥2,000 (税込)

(US)Luv N’ Haight – LHLP046 / 2005
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

Ubiquity傘下のレーベルLuv N’ Haightより、1968年から1980年頃のミシガンのレア&クラシックなSoul / Funkをコンパイルした2LP!!

Track List
A1 Tommy McGee – Give And Take
A2 Manuel B. Holcolm – I Stayed Away Too Long
A3 The Detroit Sex Machines – Rap It Together
A4 Robert Jay – Alcohol Pt. 1
B1 Wendell Harrison – Farewell To The Welfare Pt. 1
B2 The Black Aces Of Soul And The Eyes Of Ebony – Let’s Get Down
B3 El Riot – Do It Right
C1 Lloyd Williams – Be Mine Tonight
C2 Robert Lowe – Back To Funk
C3 Dee Edwards – (I Can) Deal With That
C4 Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers – Searching For Soul Pt. 1
D1 Burning Desire – Why She Had To Go
D2 Aged In Harmony – Trust Me
D3 Wendell Harrison – Take Time Out





Various / Funky Funky Houston Volume 2 (LP) ¥2,000 (税込)

(US)Funky Delicacies – DEL LP 0015 / 1999
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

テキサスはヒューストンのソウルレーベルOvide Records音源を集めたコンピレーション!!Archie Bell & The DrellsのマネージメントもしていたレーベルオーナーSkipper Lee Frazierプロデュースの本作、人気のレア7インチSebastian Williams「Get Your Point Over」なんかも収録です!!

Track List
A1 Masters Of Soul – Love Loves Love
A2 Pete Mayes – Movin’ Out
A3 The 4 Avalons – The Cougar
A4 Sebastian Williams – I Don’t Care What Mama Says
A5 Masters Of Soul – Right On
A6 The Ovide All-Stars – One Number Cancels The Other
A7 Bobo Mr. Soul – Hitchhike To Heartbreak Road
B1 The Ovide All-Stars – Love Loves Love (Instrumental)
B2 Bobo Mr. Soul – H.L.I.C.
B3 Charles Berry & The Cherries – Ain’t That Somethin’
B4 The 4 Avalons – The Yankee Dance
B5 Sebastian Williams – Get Your Point Over
B6 Masters Of Soul – Lord Bless My Woman
B7 The Ovide All-Stars – Hitchhike To Heartbreak Road (Instrumental)




Various / Soul Chasers Volume II (2LP) ¥1,800 (税込)

(UK)Expansion – LP EXP 8 / 1994
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


Track List
A1 Ronn Matlock – I Can’t Forget About You
A2 Patti Austin – We’re In Love
A3 Glenn Jones – Keep On Doin’
B1 Osamu Kitajima – Say You Will
B2 New Horizon – I Can’t Tell You
B3 Rosie Gaines – Good Times
B4 Platinum Hook – I Don’t Wanna Live Without You
C1 Aretha Franklin – It Only Happens (When I Look At You)
C2 Donny Hathaway – Love Love Love
C3 The Trumains – Ripe For The Pickin’
D1 Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co. – Come Into My Life Again
D2 Eugene Record – Overdose Of Joy
D3 Sam Dees – Fragile, Handle With Care
D4 Ujima – I’m Not Ready




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