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[2 and fro-Stroll-]




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2 and fro-Stroll-[Track List]


  1. No One Can Stop Us
  2. Come To The Music
  3. Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You
  4. Open Your heart
  5. Are You Satisfied?
  6. Golden Days
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. Collie Stuff
  9. Lighters Up
  10. Upgrade
  11. Woman Of The Ghetto
  12. Singing’ The Blues
  13. Somebody’s Gettin’ It
  14. Since You Came Into My Life
  15. Love Has Found My Heart
  16. I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
  17. Inner City Blues
  18. Do It Baby
  19. Respect
  20. 70s Sumting
  21. Do What You Came To Do
  22. I Want You Here With Me
  23. I Want You Here With Me(Version)
  24. War Suppen
  25. The Edge
  26. ‎Heights(Next Episode)
  27. The Next Episode
  28. Hey Human
  29. Give Me  Some Emotion
  30. Like A Champion
  31. Doublin’ Down
  32. May I?
  33. Baby, This Love I Have
  34. Come On Party
  35. Let There Be Light



最新MIX CD「2 and fro-Stroll-」(1,650円)


【MIX CD制作】2 and fro-Stroll-予約開始 & トレイラーを公開した件🎥


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→Check My Stores(Break Room & MIX CD)


・DJ動画「Break Room」のサンプルや登録はコチラから

→Break Room(Sample)


平日限定フリーミックスページ”Break Room Music”にてフルMIX公開中!!

  • BOUND Vol.1(Modern Boogie/Elegant Funk)
  • Bee’s Knees 45s Mix Vol.1
  • Break Room Vol.1〜Vol.3(音源のみ)
Listen To Break Room Music🎧


Break Room Music(平日開放フリーMIX)

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