3/11(金)新着12枚!!Soul / Jazz LP

3/11(金)Soul / Jazz LP 新着12枚アップしました



Lou Courtney / I’m In Need Of Love (LP) ¥2,300 (税込)

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(UK)Soul Brother Records – LP SBCS 2 / 1999(Reissue)
Condition : Jacket(EX+) / Vinyl(EX+)

哀愁系フリーソウル「I Don’t Need Nobody Else」が人気ですが、A3「What Do You Want Me To Do」、A5「I Will, If You Will」、B5「I’m In Need Of Love」など、ホントにナイストラック目白押しのサバービア誌掲載良曲満載人気盤です!!

Track List
A1 The Common Broken Heart
A2 Since I First Laid Eyes On You
A3 What Do You Want Me To Do
A4 The Best Thing A Man Ever Do For His Woman
A5 I Will, If You Will
B1 Somebody New Is Lovin’ On You
B2 I’m Serious About Lovin’ You
B3 I Don’t Need Nobody Else
B4 Just To Let Him Break Your Heart
B5 I’m In Need Of Love




Michael Henderson / Wide Receiver (LP) ¥1,800 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 18 30

(US)Buddah Records – BDS 6001 / 1980
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

Lou Courtneyの「I Don’t Need Nobody Else」カバーや、「You’re My Choice」、「Wide Receiver」などナイスナンバー多し!!

Track List
A1 You’re My Choice
A2 Make Me Feel Like
A3 Reach Out For Me
A4 Wide Receiver
B1 I Don’t Need Nobody Else
B2 What I’m Feeling (For You)
B3 Ask The Lonley
B4 There’s No One Like You
B5 Prove It




Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose / S.T (LP) ¥1,800 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 20 04

(US)United Artists Records – UAS 5568 / 1972
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

Alton EllisやMaxi Priest & Tumpa Lion、Jackie Mittoo、Chi-Litesなどなど数々のアーティストにカバーされてきた大名曲「Too Late To Turn Back Now」収録!!Al Greenの「Lets Stay Together」カバーも◎

Track List
A1 Too Late To Turn Back Now
A2 I’m So Glad (To Be Loved By You)
A3 Let Me Down Easy
A4 Don’t Ever Be Lonely (A Poor Little Fool Like Me)
A5 Gonna Be Sweet For You
B1 I’m Never Gonna Be Alone Anymore
B2 Good Loving Don’t Come Easy
B3 Treat Her Like A Lady
B4 Just Ain’t No Love (Like A Lady’s)
B5 Lift Your Love Higher
B6 Let’s Stay Together




Randy Brown / Intimately (LP) ¥1,800 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 20 31

(US)Parachute Records – RRLP 9012 / 1979(Promo)
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

「US.Black Disk Guide」掲載盤!ミッドモダン「I Was Blessed」、アーバンメロウな「Use It」など、エレガントなナンバー多し!!

Track List
A1 You Says It All
A2 I’m Here
A3 I Was Blessed (The Day I Found You)
A4 I Thought Of You Today
B1 You Make Me Happy
B2 It Scares Me So
B3 Use It
B4 I Wanna Baby You
B5 Crazy ‘Bout You Baby




Leslie Uggams / Try To See It My Way (LP) ¥3,800 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 16 51

(US)Sonday Records – SL 8000 / 1972(Promo)
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


プロデュースはDionne Warwick!Danny HathawayやBurt Bacharachのカバーなども人気の、ポップなフィーメールソウル隠れ良作です。

Track List
A1 Love Is A Good Foundation
A2 Try To See It My Way
A3 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
A4 Je Vous Aime Oui Je Fais
A5 Brighten Hill
B1 Oh Lord What Are You Doing To Me
B2 I Just Can’t Help Believin’
B3 Love Of My Man
B4 Rescue Me
B5 The Weight Song




Willie Hutch / Concert In Blues (LP) ¥1,900 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 16 20

(US)Motown – M6-854S1 / 1976
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


Ghostface Killah feat Ne-Yoの「Back Like That」で早回しサンプリングされていたメロウナンバーA3「Baby Come Home」、グルーヴィモダンな「I Wish You Love」などサイコーです!!

Track List
A1 Party Down
A2 I Finally Made The Headlines
A3 Baby Come Home
A4 Stormy Weather
A5 I Wish You Love
B1 Come On Let’s Do The Thang
B2 Don’t Let A Little Money Keep You Acting Funny
B3 Stormy Monday
B4 Precious Pearl
B5 Shake, Rattle And Roll




Force Of Nature / Unemployment Blues (LP) ¥1,800 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 17 28

(US)Philadelphia International Records – PZ 34123 / 1976(Promo)
Condition : Jacket(EX+) / Vinyl(EX)


フィラデルフィアのファンクバンドのセカンドアルバム。ミディアムグルーヴィソウルのB3「Baby I’m Yours (And I’m So Glad)」、ラテンテイストなB4「Toy Ball」などGOODです!!

Track List
A1 Do It (Like You Ain’t Got No Backbone)
A2 Ditch Of Confusion
A3 If You Decide
A4 Creativity
A5 Discomite
B1 Unemployment Blues
B2 Travelin’
B3 Baby I’m Yours (And I’m So Glad)
B4 Toy Ball
B5 Freeze




Conjure / Music For The Texts Of Ishmael Reed (LP) ¥2,300 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 19 31

(US)PANGÆA, I.R.S. Records – PAN-42135 / 1984(2nd Press)
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


TAJ MAHAL、ALLEN TOUSSAINT、DAVID MURRAYなどが参加したSOUL/JAZZ傑作!!レアグルーヴトラックなA2「The Wardrobe Master Of Paradise」がカッコイイです!!

Track List
A1 Jes’ Grew
A2 The Wardrobe Master Of Paradise
A3 Dualism (1)
A4 Oakland Blues
A5 Skydiving
A6 Judas
B1 Betty Ball’s Blues
B2 Untitled II
B3 Fool-Ology (The Song)
B4 From The Files Of Agent 22
B5 Dualism (2)
B6 Rhythm In Philosophy




Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson / 1980 (LP) ¥2,100 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 17 54

(US)Arista – AL 9514 / 1980
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)

ALIVE!もカバーしたA3「Willing」が人気の80年作!!同系統のB2「Push Comes To Shove」もイイです!!

Track List
A1 Shut ‘Um Down
A2 Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)
A3 Willing
A4 Corners
B1 1980
B2 Push Comes To Shove
B3 Shah Mot (The Shah Is Dead / Checkmate)
B4 Late Last Night




Charles Earland And Oddysey / The Great Pyramid (LP) ¥2,000 (税込)

写真 2016-03-12 0 15 54

(US)Mercury – SRM-1-1113 / 1976
Condition : Jacket(EX) / Vinyl(EX)


人気ナンバー「Ahead Of Your Time」や、明るいサンバディスコチューン「Mona Lisa」、ロフトクラシック「Drifting」など、イイ曲満載です!!

Track List
A1 The Great Pyramid
A2 Ahead Of Your Time
A3 Mona Lisa
B1 In The Land Of Mu
B2 Upper Atlantis
B3 Drifting




Alphonze Mouzon / Funky Snakefoot (LP) ¥3,000 (税込)

写真 2016-03-11 20 22 09

(US)Blue Note – BN-LA222-G / 1974
Condition : Jacket(EX-) / Vinyl(EX)


ジャズドラマーであるAlphonze Mouzonの74年名盤!Beastie Boys「Shake Your Rump」で使われたFunky Snakefootなど、ブレイク多数収録ですが、「Ultimate Breaks & Beats」にも収録された「You Don’t Know How Much I Love You」をはじめ、「My Life Is So Blue」「A Permanent Love」など、歌モノメロウ路線もGOOD!!

Track List
A1 I’ve Given You My Love
A2 You Don’t Know How Much I Love You
A3 I Gotta Have You
A4 My Life Is So Blue
A5 Funky Snakefoot
A6 My Little Rosebud
B1 A Permanent Love
B2 The Beggar
B3 Oh Yes I Do
B4 Tara, Tara
B5 Where I’m Drumming From
B6 Ism




Donald Byrd / Stepping Into Tomorrow (LP) ¥2,800 (税込)

写真 2016-03-11 20 21 40

(US)Blue Note – BN-LA368-G / 1975
Condition : Jacket(EX-) / Vinyl(EX)

MADLIBがリメイクしたことでも有名なタイトル曲「Stepping Into Tomorrow」をはじめ、Main Source「Looking At The Front Door」ネタの絶品メロウグルーヴA4「Think Twice」など収録のジャズ・レアグルーヴ名盤!!

Track List
A1 Stepping Into Tomorrow
A2 Design A Nation
A3 We’re Together
A4 Think Twice
B1 Makin’ It
B2 Rock And Roll Again
B3 You Are The World
B4 I Love The Girl




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